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This browser build is based on WebGL/Unity technology that is only in the "Preview Stage" and so may not work as well as the downloadable versions.

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Welcome to the new version of Dominion Online!

This new game includes a number changes from the previous version:

  • Native Windows / Mac / Linux apps for a faster/better experience, including full-screen mode.
  • New Campaigns with Dominion variants designed by Donald X.
  • Customizable kingdom randomizer/generator.
  • Extra turns replace card zapping in single-player campaigns.
  • New "Seeking" and "Challenge" features replace the old multiplayer "table" model.
  • 12-card layout, colored game log side-bar, VP counters, rematch, and more.
  • Developed in Unity, enabling us to launch tablet versions soon.

We will launch substantial updates frequently. Please check back or visit the Forums to stay up-to-date on new features.