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Now Available on Tablets

We are pleased to announce our first release of Dominion for tablets, currently available on the Apple, Google and Amazon app stores linked below.

If you are already used to the personal computer versions, you will find these very familiar, as the differences are mostly cosmetic. The app itself is free, so if you have already purchased cards you can play with them on tablet at no extra cost. Simply sign in with your account and access all of your purchases, campaign progress, and ratings on any platform you sign into. There are some minor differences in the purchasing experience, but prices are similar on all channels.

This first tablet version supports essentially the same feature set as the PC/web version. It does not yet support phone screens, offline play, pass-and-play, and so forth. That would have quickly turned a 5-month development effort (from the v2.0 Windows/Mac download launch in June) into a 10+ month development effort. We believe it is better to get this into people's hands as soon as possible and follow on with improvements later, rather than to make everybody wait.

We have been seriously working on the mobile version in parallel with steady improvements to the web and download versions since July. This work ramped up to the point where for the past month we have been focused entirely on tablet development. One rough spot was getting the app approved by Apple. We had to remove direct purchasing of cards (as is still in the Android and Amazon versions), to revise our signup process, and to make guests work differently than on other platforms. This back-and-forth process, which included a half-dozen rejections, took a full two months. We learned a lot the hard way, and we are that much happier to be live at last!

We do plan to redesign the UI to support screens as small as iPhone 5 (required by Apple if we wish to support iPhone 6), although in the short-term supporting Adventures is the higher priority. In the meantime, if you get a chance to play Dominion on iPad Pro it is a real treat!

We hope you enjoy these tablet apps. We look forward to delivering more features and platforms to you. We invite your feedback on the forums.

Dominion is now available for: